Tuesday, May 18, 2010


AHHH!!! Finally I get the chance to document my thoughts and experiences! It's been far too long since I have posted anything, a little over a month, the reason why its taken me so long is because I haven't had internet at home. Why haven't I gone to a PC bang you ask?? well, If you've ever been to one in Korea you'd understand. It's usually a not so private, smoke filled room with people playing video games, listening, and singing along to music. Not my cup of tea. In any case the wait is over and I will start blogging regularly (hopefully).

So far I have enjoyed every minute I have been in Korea. I've either gone out in Seoul exploring on my own or have had great companions such as my great friend Lydia who I met in Spain and has been guiding me from day one. She's introduced me to her good friends and family, for which I am most grateful. Thank you Lyds! :)

Inge, another teacher from Tennessee that works at the elementary school next to me has been great she has shown me around Yangsu-ri (the small town I live in) and has given me some insight on some cool things to do in Korea. She's also given me a list of very useful websites which have been helpful!

I have met so many people in the last 37 days, at a faster rate than I had imagined. i wonder why that is? I like to consider myself as a social butterfly and outgoing... but it could possibly be the connections I've made with these girls.I thinks this is going to be a GOOD year.\

Smile ^-^


  1. Love your company and I hope we can make a lot more precious memories before I leave. Who knows? Maybe you'll show me around the Dominican Republic some day several years down the road ;)

  2. I will def show you around DR!!! :D