Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Charming Garden

A Charming Garden

Venejan, France 

I'm sure I've said it before but let's officially put it on the record, summertime is my favorite time of year. What can I say, being able to wear just 1 layer of clothing, which can make packing much easier, is what I love most! You know the simply things in life. 

 I'm seriously one of those people that likes to be outside enjoying the sunshine against my skin, hearing the birds chirp, being able to go for a walk or a swim, but best of all is the summer get togethers and BBQs! 

For the past 3 summers that I've been in France the summer has had a very special meaning for me. It's really a time to relax, enjoy time with friends, visit the region, and have an APERO! An apero is basically the pre-dinning drinks and snacks; it usually consists of a glass of rosé, Pastis, beer, peanuts, charcuterie and chips among other things.

The french take their summers vacations seriously and I think I've already adopted the idea! One of the yearly traditions we have is getting together and having a BBQ at Teo's (Michael's best friend) grandparents house in Venejan.

 It usually consists of a late morning meet up, a quick run to the grocery store for the essentials.... you know wine, cheese, beer, saucisse, mergez, kefta and some veggies for me.

  It's usually followed by some lounging around, a quick or long game of pentanque, swimming, and discussions about life with drinks in between. Now that's what I call a productive summer day. 

Being that we've spent a lot of time there and I absolutely love their garden I decided to take pictures and now share them. 

As you walk through their garden you can see how much hard work and dedication went into creating it. I love the mix of colors, flowers, and that french touch that makes everything charming and dreamy. 

Teo tells me that many decades ago this place used to be a sort of auberge for travelers. They would attache their horses in this sort of enormous garage and rest up in order to continue their voyage the next day. 

Now theu've turned it into a place where the family gets together for lunches, dinners, and parties.

They grow their own organic veggies and fruit which they consistantly eat throughout the summer. 

Beauty is in the simple things in this garden. The color combinations, the smell of lavender, the bees buzzing and the sunshining.

It wouldn't be provence if there wasn't lavender growing. 

Great memories spending time amongst friends.

The summer dinning area underneath the grape vineyards.

Some of my favorite flowers.

I hope you enjoyed this quick peak into what our summers consist of. I want to give a special thank you to Teo and his family for letting me take pictures and sharing them with you. 

In loving memory of Marcel Pelorjas. 

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Picnic, Groundhogs, and the French Alpes

 Picnic, Groundhogs, and the French Alpes

Prapic, France  

Decathalon top, H&M yoga pants, Roshe Run Nike sneakers, Betsey Johnson aviators, (The North Face pink jacket, not pictured here)

Have you ever been to one of those places where you say to yourself, "picutres doesn't do this justice", but you take them anyways because well it's hard not to.

Well I've come across a few and one of those is called Prapic. This is a beautiful town in the french alpes that is well known to hikers, snow shoe walkers, and skiiers. In the winter the surrounding area becomes a skiing station and in the spring and summer hikers (like us) go there to experience the beauty of nature and breathe the un-polluted air.

Once we heard about it and the nice surprise it has in store we decided to make the trip! With about 175km or a 2 hour car ride away from Pertuis we decided to make it a day trip, getting up early preparing a nice picninc, in my case several layers of clothing since I was unsure of how cold it might get... and off we went.

Once we got to Gap, the biggest city next to Prapic it started getting scenic; with lush green forests, mountains capped with glistening white snow, and wild spring flowers blossoming. We were starting to get a peek of what we were up for, and let,me tell you it was breath taking!

Prapic the village is very small, although there are many visitors you feel as if you are one of the only people roaming the streets. The locals keep to themselves performing their daily activities, taking care of their sheep, crops, and homes as hikers and tourists go on their way to the trails.

You can tell that they're used to strangers poking around since the clicks of cameras, and the chattering of tourists doesn't seem to affect them.

In the village you can find a bar, restaurant, and tourist information office as well as several 'auberges' or Inns just in case you fall in love with the place and decide to extend your trip. For more information on Prapic and the activities you can do there check out their site HERE.

It was the month of May and the weather was absolutely perfect, warm enough to walk around without a jacket on, yet with a crisp mountain breeze to make it comfortable while hiking.

I wanted to share with you my experience and some of the pictures we took while on our hike.
 Honestly, it was really hard choosing the pictures to put on the blog, I took hundreds, yes you read correctly hundreds of pictures and sorting through them was no easy task.

Check out some of my favorite snaps below!

At the start of the trail we were met with this river which runs parallel the village of Prapic

The river cascading from the mountain top



The beginning of our trail into the Alpes

Off we go with our baguette

There are often waterfalls pouring from the sides of the mountain from the snow that has melted off the mountain tops

We found the lovliest little cabin on the trail, half of which is built below ground.

I couldn't contain my excitement! Warning a few jumping pictures ahead.

Exploring, taking it all in.

Beautiful wild flowers.

Make-shift bridge, this is where it really starts getting rough.

Making a pit-stop at the mountain side chapel, praying that we make it to our destination

Seemed like a good time to stop and have our picnic. Of course with the baguette we couldn't forget the red wine my favorite!

Wild flowers

I was dead! but we weren't there yet...

aahh yes that's the sound of water rushing through.

Now this is what I call peaceful living.

We have arrived!

Quick drink to re-hydrate myself after the exhausting hike. Can you tell I'm not very athletic.

And VOILA! The surprise!! We are in Groundhog land. This little guy came running out if nowhere directly at me looking for some veggies. Luckily I got it on film since I was filming the scenery. 

Little guy was hungry

Up-close and personal

It was actually a very gentle creature

Yes I fed it!!

You talking to me??

I even pet it... can you tell I was really scared and nervous?

Pardon my accent, and nervous laugh in the video. :)

Let's have a chat.

I wouldn't mind spending a week here and getting back to the basics.

With this scenery

Another jumping picture

Pointing out all of the different trails and the amount of time it takes to reach them.

On our way back before it gets dark out.

Another view of the adorable cabin

There's more to it

A view of the village from above

the view

The waiting game

The village

Now what do they do with those?

this is a good way of recycling

Prapic village

Prapic village

Prapic village

Prapic village

Prapic village

Wild flowers. I love the color combination

Prapic village

Church. Prapic village

The time I found a heard of sheep

Baby sheep and its mother

Gone with the wind

In my zone

Field of white daffodils

For me?!


Bouquet of wild flowers

Bye bye guys, until next year

The stunning view

Taking it all in one last time

Beautiful yellow chateau in Gap, France

Rock formation we saw on our way home from Prapic. Les rochers de Mées.  Les Mées, France

Check out the office of tourism site for Les Mées right HERE.

I hope you enjoyed the post as much as I did being there. If you would like any information regarding Prapic and the hike, feel free to to comment or contact me with your questions.

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