Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm a Korean

So As I was leaving the cafeteria, after enjoying a delicious lunch and a good conversation with Inge a few of my students stop me. Four boys to be exact. They are my 2nd graders (a.k.a 8th grade); one of them says "teacher!!!!", gives me a high five and asks me "WHYYYYY??" He always asks me why in class thats just his favorite word. The other student stops me and says "teacher how was your lunch?" Surprised by the question I say "it was very good". (The student surprised me because that is the longest and most complete question he's asked me in the last month and a half, this leads me to believe that they know more English than I thought.) I asked him him what he thought of it, he said it was good. I didn't want to miss this opportunity to actually have a conversation with the boy that has fooled me for the past month. I wanted to see what he actually knows, so I told him "I liked the fish it was really good, what did you like?" He responded with a smile on his face and "I liked the kimchi and rice." Kimchi and rice??" was my response, "but you eat it every day!" The boy says with a no shit look in his face, "yes teacher Kimchi and rice, I am a Korean!"

Moment of truth for me I might need to adapt to this kimchi and rice thing... my students are very sneaky! hahahah

Needless to say he made my day!

Smile ^-^

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