Thursday, October 14, 2010

Attitude problem...

So today I had my first experience with a deliberately rude girl in one of my classrooms. So our 3rd grade class is out of control... let me specify not all of them are, about 40% of the kids "the cool kids" having been acting up. Must be all of the hormones and hair spray that have them out of control but I honestly can't tolerate it. This is the situation...

So the art teacher was in the class talking to the kids apparently they 70% of the class didn't complete a specific task that was needed in order to give them a "proper" midterm score. So she gave them time today... the last day to hand in the midterms grade to complete the task and they chose English class for this. Which is cool with me. She passed it out and as she is passing it out the English teacher tells me it's a "performance TEST"... well maybe 5 minutes later one of the girl students starts walking around class looking for answers from her fellow classmates. I ignored her because the English teacher didn't say anything. Next thing I know the Englsih teacher looks at me and points at her as if tell me to make her sit down. (she always does that expects me to read her mind) So I go over to the girl and ask her to sit down. She says "this not English test" well of course cause i know that now sit down... well next thing you know she yells No, leave me alone!" So what do I do? I say excuse me... grab the piece of paper and put it on her desk all the way on the other side of the room... she walks by me and and snarls a bad word in Korean. I was FUMING!!!I asked the Korean English teacher what exactly she said and she wouldn't tell me until I kept insisting... and even then I didn't get a straight answer. "She just said a bad word in Korean." Kids these days are on a whole different level even in a society where respecting your elders is probably the number one rule. So after class... she came down and gave me a VERY weak and probably not heart felt apology. I guess I have to take what I can get.

As I am writing this there are three students from that same 3rd grade class getting lectured and beat by a book because they probably did or said something disrespectful. And there are four 2nd grade students kneeling outside of the teachers office for fighting with a girl at lunch. *SIGH*

Whatever happened to the nice kids, the teacher's pets??!?!?!?

I always look on the bright side; atleast I'm not teaching in an American school, now that would be the death of me.

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