Monday, May 31, 2010

My first dinner with the 선생님 (seon-saeng-nims)

Helen my co-teacher on the Right and one of my favorite teachers on the left!(*^.^*)

I was invited to dinner along with the rest of the teachers by the principle, not only was it a delicious duck dinner with too many courses to count but there was an endless supply of Cass beer and Soju... Yes the principle poured soju in my beer and told me (in Korean of course) bottoms up.. needless to say the dinner was a success and all of the teachers seemed to like me so much more. We also went to a very relaxing tea house out in the country about 20 minutes from where I live. One of my student's mom owns the tea house. It was a real treat, the two floor cottage was decorated with lots of furniture made from the traditional Korean paper or Hanji It's extraordinary how they can make small desks, bureaus, tables, jewelery boxes among other things. I felt so peaceful here! It was a great bonding experience for myself and the other teachers we got to know each other better while enjoying a tasty cup of Tea!

Smile ^-^

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