Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Did you just say DOG????!!! NO THANK YOU... I'll stick to DUCK with a C..K..

A couple of weeks ago Inge and I were invited out to eat with our fellow teachers to celebrate or NOT (cause we didn't win) teacher's sports day. The teachers in the school had a big volleyball tournament. It included elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in our province,Yangpyeong. We loved the idea of leaving school early, watching the intensity of the game, and getting free,"expensive" food provided by the school. Before we left the school Helen, my co teacher told me that we were going to have eel for dinner which I was ok with since I regularly eat eel sushi and enjoy it very much. I was kinda excited to see how they were going to prepare the eel. But what I didn't know was that I was in for a surprise. I will explain the 'surprise' in a bit...

As we walked into the school in Yanpyeong where the tournament was taking place all I could hear was grunting and yelling and the beat of a drum. I almost thought I was entering an African ritual dance, but instead i witnessed the not so thin elementary school teacher with daisy dukes on yelling over the net, and a cluster of teachers yelling and beating the drum as to motivate the stellar volleyball team. Unfortunately the drums or the yelling didn't work and they completely bombed the game... oh well that meant dinner was coming sooner than anticipated I was happy! As we packed up said our goodbyes to the teams still remaining Helen walks toward Inge and I, she tells me that there has been a mistake with what she had told me earlier that day. We weren't having eel we were having "dok and dok" (the 'G' in korean also makes a k sound sometimes I get confused) so we need to choose... I said duck sure that's fine I don't mind duck I've had it maybe twice in my life but thats ok with me. I also asked her why did u say it twice are they cooked 2 different ways??? she says No, NO, NO... "dok and dok" like quack quack! and woof, woof!

At this point my jaw dropped and I couldn't help but feel sick to my stomach. It was like... like.. me trying to have my dog Bella for dinner! After a few seconds and trying to wipe the look of my face I told her that Duck with 'u.c.k', the one that makes a quacking noise is what I prefer. She looked at me laughed and told me that she felt the same. At which point I was relieved to know that someone, a Korean felt the same. I am not trying to bash anyone for eating dog it's something that they've been doing for many years, and they actually raise them just for eating purposes... but you will NOT catch me taking a bite of it. It just goes against my moral beliefs... dogs for me are special they don't belong on my table with a bunch of sides and dipping sauce...

Smile ^-^

The volleyball team

The D.O.G. side of the table... notice all the men apparently dog gives you stamina..

The D.U.C.K side of the table

Some of the teachers cooking their duck in the skillet

Our duck... it was good I made sure to ask a couple more times whether it was duck or dog. Didn't want to eat it by "accident".

Inge and i went on a walk and she took pics of me... she's a very good photographer!

P.E. teacher with his daisy dukes

Inge and I chatting away with the P.E. teacher

We took a stroll up a hill to a Buddhist temple with the principal, P.E. teacher and another elementary school teacher. The principal and P.E. teacher bowing

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup 2010 In seoul

The world cup started this past weekend and there was a lot to celebrate about! On friday night Inge and i decided to meet a few people at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul and check out the kick off of the world cup. This event was sponsored by the Mexican embassy and Hyundai! To our surprise there was more than just a screen broadcasting the games there was a small concert put on by "Afterschool" a Korean girl band and "Big bang" a Korean boy band. They are BIG out here... the equivalent to Backstreet boys and Destiny's child in the US (back in my day, I'm not very familiar with current pop artists). Ironically I had spoken to a few of the 16 year old girls here at the school and they were giving me the 411 on these groups, how amazing they are, and how CUTE G-Dragon (from BIG BANG) was. So I kinda sorta knew a little bit... but if I had any doubt on how popular these bands were It was completely gone when I heard the screeching cries of the teenage girls...

Avocado sandwiches yummmm... our din during the game 


<--Sitting on the ground waiting for the GOALS!

The next day the girls and I decided to go back to Seoul for round 2 of the World Cup extravaganza! This time we were ready to see how Korea destroyed Greece 2-0!!! It was Insane the energy at Coex mall was unbelievable. They closed off the streets, put up 3 large screens in different locations with the game, and even had another band playing. All in all it was a rush to see how the usually tame and calm Koreans reacted to the annihilation of the Greek team. ASSAAAAHH!!!

Smile ^-^


Our final game was the England vs. US game. That was a good game definitely felt the tension between the Brits and the Americans when we were at Scrooges. Lots of smack talking was going on!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shakira - WAKA WAKA - Esto es Africa

Love this song!!! Spanish version!

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Over the Hill

North Korea right over the hill behind me

Celebrating our successful jumps

This weekend I went to the DMZ another spectacular weekend with Bre!! This time I was able to enjoy so many things in a matter of 1.5 days how crazy is that?? My experience was amazing the group was great and our guides from adventure Korea were very helpful! I did one of the most unexpected things EVER, my close friends and family know that its definitely unexpected and maybe now they won't doubt that I will probably do something even crazier. lol I jumped off of a bridge, on the border of North Korea and South Korean. Definitely an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. I just kept thinking about my mom and what her reaction to me jumping would have been... I could hear her voice.."Muchacha pero tu si eres loca no te atrevas a hacer eso!!!" (girl you are crazy, don't you dare try that) but guess what mami I did it hehehe and I didn't tell her about until after I jumped because she's a worrier and she would be panicking all weekend.

These are the things that we did
-got to see a beautiful river with lots of cliffs
-went into the tunnels that the North Koreans dug in order to invade South Korea
-got a tour of facilities in the DMZ
-went to the Peace observatory
-went to the memorial site (at night and in the morning)
-rode bikes, not your ordinary bikes but the two passenger bikes, Tandem bikes!!
-had a campfire and made smores ( no graham crackers we improvised)
-worked in a rice field like the old days and planted our own rice plants, and drank Makgeoli
-went catfish catching in the mud, I caught 3!!
-saw a bombed train and the bird museum (DMZ wildlife) (so random) on the military base

Smile ^-^

THE BEST TREAT OF ALL!!! which was unexpected! I SAW A SHOOTING STAR!!! My first shooting star ever and apparently in Korea you make 3 wishes just in case the 1st and the second don't make it heheh, I was ok with that one. It was simply amazing.. I feel like conquering the world!


Rice planting

The memorial at the top of the hill

The freedom bell on the hill that i saw my shooting star the night before!