Monday, August 30, 2010

My humble abode

I know this is a very overdue since I have been living in Korea now 4 months... but It's been a slow process getting my apartment together since I didn't spend much time in it for the first couple of months. But things are winding down now and I am actually becoming more of a home-body. I really enjoy being at home and in my little, puny, tinsy-weensy town of Yangsu-ri.

It's small town and I KNOW everyone knows who I am or knows of me since I am the only dark skinned person in this town. Needless to say I get a lot of stares but positive feedback. I really enjoy living here it's like I'm important or something hehehe :)

My apartment a small studio apartment but the biggest one in my villa has pink and white iridescent walls/ ceiling, a bathroom with a sink, shower head, and toilet. YEP no tub, and i can pretty much clean my bathroom while I shower... which is ok with me makes cleaning a lot easier on the weekends. I have one electric stove top it can get frustrating if I want to make multiple dishes, which is 90% of the time! but I deal. My coach an orange faux leather piece of wood is the hardest thing I've sat on... I prefer sitting on the floor because they heat up!!! I think that is by far the best thing about my apartment the heated floors oh and the humongous windows. Enough writing here are some pictures of my humble abodes I hope you enjoy. xoxo