Friday, August 9, 2013

Magical Garden

Throughout the whole summer we've been noticing flyers around town for this 'open air movie theatre' We thought that sounded pretty cool; watching a movie in the crisp summer night under the glistening stars. Well it wasn't until this past tuesday that we had the time and motivation to go try it out. We called to make reservations since its encouraged just in case all of citizens of this huge city called Pertuis decide to invade this place all at once. I'm obviously being sarcastic.

Anyways we made our reservations, the person we spoke to urged us to come early since twe have the opportunity to walk around the chateau and the gardens... did I mention, this place is a chateau, vineyard, and it has a private garden. We thought to ourself well that kinda justifies the 12 euro price along with the complimentary glass of rosé. So as suggested we ate an early dinner and heade out to check out this mystery chateau... I honestly couldn't picture a chateau out here but appparently Pertuis has more to offer than i had imagined.
We made our way down to the chateau which is kinda hidden but relatively close to the center ville, its about a 5 min car ride.
So we get there and see all these people hanging out having drinks walking around apparently this was the place to be tuesday night and we just found out about! We decided to hold off on the glass of wine until the movie started and boy were we glad for that.The movie (we really didn't have a choice in the matter) wasn't our cup of tea.

So we decided to take a stroll and check out the garden, and we weren't disappointed! It's so beautiful, well maintained, and magical! Not to mention you get to experience provence wine country at its best with acres and acres of vineyards. Unfortunately I forgot my heavy duty camera at home but like always my trusty Iphone was there to save the day :).We walked around and saw every corner of the garden for about an hour and then laid the blanket down on the grass to enjoy the transition into evening and people watch... one of mmy favorite pass times. Like I said there were a lot of people there especially couples and young families many of which brought a nice picnic bag with all of the essentials. Kids were playing in the garden and parents were boozin it up. hey, I can't blame them!

We started watching the movie around 9:30pm and it still wasn't over at 11:40pm so we decided to ditch it and just go home... I was really bummed out that I didnt have my camera to take pictures so I decided to stop by the next day and take pictures. Well that didn't work the next day the weather was really bad. We had thunderstorms and hail, kinda scary actually. So instead I went on thursday and I couldn't ask for a better day! The weather was perfect and there was on a fraction of the people that were there on tuesday night. This place is actually really cool I said that this would be a great place to have a wedding and apparently they thought of the idea before I did. Events such as weddings and parties happen here all summer. Maybe that could appeal to someone looking to have a destination wedding in the South of France and honestly which place could be the better option than Provence. We are about 20 minutes from the center ville of Aix en Provence and 40 minutes from the 2nd largest city in France; Marseille. Not to mention this year (2013) it is the European capital city of culture.
The name os the chateau is Val-Joanis it's located in Pertuis, France. You can check them out HERE

Well lets get to the pictures why don't we!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I did this weekend: Garance Reggae Music Festival 2013

What I did this weekend: Garance Reggae Music Festival 2013 This weekend I got the chance to go to the most anticipated music festival of the summer. I say most anticipated because I've nothing but good things about it for about a year, and honestly I was not disappointed. I got exactly what I expected. This is the 3rd annual reggae festival in Bagnols sur Cèze, France; one of the biggest in all of Europe. It's a 4 day nonstop party with people coming in from all over the world. Most 'Bagnolians' refer to it as "Kingston sur Cèze" since you have an incredible amount of people that come from all over especially Jamaica. This Festival offers 4 days and nights of reggae music; musicians are booked from all over the world and reggae is played in both English and French. It was such a chill atmoshpere with shops selling everything Rasta, food stands from Ethiopia, Jamaica, and Ital food.I completely over indulged when it came to food it was so delicious! I was able to break out of my box and walk around on my ow to take pictures of intresting things/ people. It took a little while since I tend to be super shy when it comes to asking people to let me take pictures... i feel like I'm being creepy, I guess it's something i need to work on.
 bye bye Garance see you next year!