Monday, July 7, 2014

Photo Diary: Cinque Terre

Riomaggiore was the first of the five villages that we decided to visit, we took the train from Le Levanto where we were staying to this picturesque village. The building colors harmonize beautifully, you can hear the seagulls squawking and the Mediterranean sea crashing into the port. It was really breath taking. this village was a bit crowded with tourists, seams like everyone had the same itinerary in mind as we did.

There are old colorful fishing boats aligning the petite harbor which adds a bit more of a typical fishing village aura to this incredibly touristy town. It's a burst of color, which I happen to love, that just happens to work.

We decided to hope on a boat and head east. This is the view from our ferry to Portovenere. It's like a painting.

As we came around in the ferry we laid eyes on this beautiful rock-like structure, It's name is St. Peter's Church, with the gray and white stripes very typical to the region you can't help but want to photograph it from every corner

Getting in closer we start to see more of the village and the homes aligned straightly, making it a bit different from the villages of Cinque Terre most of which are built on a mountain.

This picture was taken coming in on the boat from Portovenere.

Monorola seems to be the most densely compact with the trademark buildings more so in the orange and yellow tones. It was getting a bit late and we were getting hungry, we decided to hold off and take the train( there is no port in Corniglia) to Corniglia since we heard it be one of the smaller more calm villages of all.

When we arrived in Corniglia we realized that there was a long way to the top. There were two paths proposed, we decided to take the most challenging way, and oh boy was it challenging! We climbed 33 flights with about 382 steps... I was sweaty and whiny all the way up at this point it seemed like my stomach was eating its self I was so hungry. We stopped at the closest restaurant we could find. Man was I glad to sit down drink a nice glass of wine and get some delicious Italian food in me! Once at the top we stumbled upon this cute little garden with the most spectacular view of the sea and chickens running around.

Waiting for my dish to arrive I enjoy a glass of wine and a stunning view of the mediterranean sea!

M ordered this mouth watering seafood pasta dish. He kept mentioning how good it was and how he though he made the best choice... I didn't mind I was very happy with my choice...

My choice this baked potatoes and anchovies dish with pomodoro sauce, it was excellent! M was drawn back by the anchovies, he's not a big fan and what do I mean by not a big fan... he's repulsed by the idea of eating anchovies, must have been a bad experience in his youth. I enjoyed every bit, and hesitantly offered M a bit, surprisingly even with his strong hate for anchovies he accepted my proposition and really liked it! I don't know how they did it but the fishy salty taste was not as strong as your typical canned anchovies. After getting stuffed we wanted to burn off some more calories as if we hadn't done that with the 382 stairs already; so we headed out to explore this little town.

walking around I fell in love with this village. It was one of the coziest towns in Cinque Terre. There were plenty of with typical products and colorful ceramics. One of the things That I enjoyed about this shop was how they used drift wood to decorate. It had me thinking, I could totally do something like this, you know a DIY when I get home! That's still in the works...

Flowers in the streets of Corniglia, that we eventually bought for our little garden in the balcony.

More shops with colorful souvenirs.

I have no idea what these are called but they were all over the place! I believe they are used to deliver supplies, food, necessities etc. into the village since there are no cars allowed. The streets were really long and narrow. This thing was surely a necessity in their daily life.

As we continued to walk around Corniglia we fell upon this beautiful view. We seemed to be consumed by the beautiful colors and the tranquility of the sea. We took it all in and realized how lucky we were to be able to enjoy the beauty of the Italian Riviera.

Stay tuned... There are a couple more villages to see. Until next time!

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