Sunday, September 14, 2014

Le Marché de Pertuis

Le Marché de Pertuis

Pertuis, France

Peonies at the Pertuis market

It's like a ritual, every friday morning I wake up early brew myself a big cup of coffee, eat a tartine and get myself ready for the weekly market. It starts every friday morning from 8am until about 1pm

I came across this market by accident about a year ago when I was running a couple of errands in the center of town and let me telly you, I fell in love. Before then I was a bit hesitant about living in this small city which to me seemed impersonal, cold, and a bit desolate. But once I stumble upon the market my mind was changed!  I enjoyed walking through and seeing the town's people in thier element, kiosk keepers enticing their customers, the colors and scent of fresh produce, the crowded streets with both tourists and locals taking thier time to examine the products before commiting. It's unlike any market I've ever been to in the US, once you've been there atleast 3 times the merchants start to recognize and embrace you as a regular making you feel like you are a part of the community. This was exactly what I needed to help me feel welcome. 

Walk with me through the market on a typical summer morning.

Colorful fouta and table cloths stand

Local pollen and honey in many flavors; lavender, thyme, chestnut, creamy honey etc.

French people love hats,  the Panama is the must have hat of the summer

Local charcuterie; Bull sausage, comté cheese sausage, figue flavored sausage, and donkey sausage

The french are serious about their sausage

charisma gets the customer to your stand

I love this! Typical panier provençal, you can see many of the locals carrying this around in the market with their morning purchases

hahah he really wanted a picture

dried fruit and nuts

There's always a food truck or stand with someone making paella, yumm!

Fountain in the middle of the city with kiosks surrounding it

Let's do some shopping!

Produce from a nearby town; Carpentras

Fish stand

Second hand clothing

Local Produce

local handmade products

Spatulas, cutting boards, and bowls made from the wood of an olive tree

Sunny market day

The crowded streets of Pertuis

Of course we can't forget the local favorite olives different types many flavors

I hope you enjoyed our day at the market, you get to see what a typical Friday morning looks like for me.

Until next time!


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