Monday, September 15, 2014

Vintage Silk Maxi Dress

Vintage silk maxi-dress

La Tour d'Aigues, France

Chateau de Tour d'Aigues

A couple of months ago my friend angie made a quick stop in Aix en Provence while she was traveling through Europe. It's quite nice to have friends visit since they bring a little bit of home to where ever you are. And she sure did end up bringing me back , it was so refreshing!

 We did a lot of sight-seeing, laughing, eating, drinking wine and of course shopping! For those of you who aren't familiar with me I absolutely love fashion! I love the way you express your personality with color, shapes, and fabric. I especially love the way it evolves with the season as we humans do. Fashion is the outermost expression of who you are, or how you want people to portray you.  With fashion you can showcase this on a daily basis.

 For me being up to date with the current fads, trends, or designers isn't the most important thing, it's expressing how you feel and who you are, it's your personal style.

With this being said, Angie and I set out to do some souvenir shopping and stumbled upon this really cool second hand store called Blow up in aix en Provence. You can check out an article with multiple pictures of the store HERE(contact info below)

As we walked in I automatically saw this gorgeous, colorful, one of a kind, vintage 70s silk maxi dress, it was calling my name I swear! It was so perfect and I had to try it on. once I slipped into this dress I didn't want to get out. It fit like a glove, I was transported to a care-free era and trust I didn't want to come back. It was PERFECT! You know how when you find a dress and you feel like it was made for you? Yup, that's the feeling I got!
Angie thought so too, so she decided to gift me the dress, how awesome is she?

Checkout the dress and let me know what you think about it!

Taking advantage of the scenary; cornfields

Absolutely adore the colors

check out the low plunging back


Don't take life too seriously, be silly, let your hair down and dance in the vineyards

Until next time!


Blow up Vintage Store
Contact info:
26, rue Boulegon
Aix en Provence
  Facebook Page :
Store hours
– Tuesday to Saturday 10:30am to 7:30pm
– Monday 2:30pm to 7pm

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