Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Charming Garden

A Charming Garden

Venejan, France 

I'm sure I've said it before but let's officially put it on the record, summertime is my favorite time of year. What can I say, being able to wear just 1 layer of clothing, which can make packing much easier, is what I love most! You know the simply things in life. 

 I'm seriously one of those people that likes to be outside enjoying the sunshine against my skin, hearing the birds chirp, being able to go for a walk or a swim, but best of all is the summer get togethers and BBQs! 

For the past 3 summers that I've been in France the summer has had a very special meaning for me. It's really a time to relax, enjoy time with friends, visit the region, and have an APERO! An apero is basically the pre-dinning drinks and snacks; it usually consists of a glass of rosé, Pastis, beer, peanuts, charcuterie and chips among other things.

The french take their summers vacations seriously and I think I've already adopted the idea! One of the yearly traditions we have is getting together and having a BBQ at Teo's (Michael's best friend) grandparents house in Venejan.

 It usually consists of a late morning meet up, a quick run to the grocery store for the essentials.... you know wine, cheese, beer, saucisse, mergez, kefta and some veggies for me.

  It's usually followed by some lounging around, a quick or long game of pentanque, swimming, and discussions about life with drinks in between. Now that's what I call a productive summer day. 

Being that we've spent a lot of time there and I absolutely love their garden I decided to take pictures and now share them. 

As you walk through their garden you can see how much hard work and dedication went into creating it. I love the mix of colors, flowers, and that french touch that makes everything charming and dreamy. 

Teo tells me that many decades ago this place used to be a sort of auberge for travelers. They would attache their horses in this sort of enormous garage and rest up in order to continue their voyage the next day. 

Now theu've turned it into a place where the family gets together for lunches, dinners, and parties.

They grow their own organic veggies and fruit which they consistantly eat throughout the summer. 

Beauty is in the simple things in this garden. The color combinations, the smell of lavender, the bees buzzing and the sunshining.

It wouldn't be provence if there wasn't lavender growing. 

Great memories spending time amongst friends.

The summer dinning area underneath the grape vineyards.

Some of my favorite flowers.

I hope you enjoyed this quick peak into what our summers consist of. I want to give a special thank you to Teo and his family for letting me take pictures and sharing them with you. 

In loving memory of Marcel Pelorjas. 

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