Friday, September 26, 2014

Une Escapade Dans la Région

Une Escapade dans la Région 

Les Baux-de-Provence and Arles 

I've always said that the summer time is one of the best times of the year to be in the south of France. There are so many activities to do; for example village parties which are called 'bodegas' or 'fête de village', or going to the beautiful beaches and calanques, or on this case village hopping. Village hopping is something that I really enjoy doing. I basically go from one village to another and enjoy the sites, local food, or whatever expositions they have going. 

This time around we ended up going to Les Baux de Provence a small medieval mountaintop village that takes you back in time. Visiting Les Baux was way over due since its been recommended to us by some friends. It's a really pretty village with a castle at the highest point in the village. One thing I will say is that it's really touristy specially during the summer time. But what can I say tourists don't go to places if there wasn't something great to see. 

As you stroll down the cobble stone streets you can see beautifully decorated street corners and restaurants. Shops with typical proveçal style products, sucha as lavendar and Cigale figurines. 

If you're planning on visiting the region, I recommend you come visit this cute little town. For more information feel free to check out their  website

After Walking around Les Baux de Provence we decided to head up about 18 km to Arles. Little did we know that it was the weekend to be there if you are a fan of photos as I am. Every summer there is an international photo expo, with people coming in from all over the world! Check out the expo through this link

Arles seemed to be a bit of an artsy city with graffiti, musicians, and colorful knits on the their trees. It was actually the first time I had ever seen something like that, and thought it was a great concept to add color and character to anotherwise  plain ol' park. 


The place de la mairie was buzzing with locals, tourists, and newly weds. There was what seemed like a wedding every thirty minutes. You can hear cheering and clapping while witnessing flowers and confetti being tossed in the air. If anything you can clearly feel the joy and love on this beautiful summer day. 

We stumbled upon some very adorable restaurants that seemed quite tasty. We didn' t get the chance to stop for lunch but it will for sure be on my list to do!

Of course there's always a paella being cooked in the streets, it seems to me that this a staple of the region during the hot summer months. 

After our stroll we decided to take a break and have a cappuccino for me and a tea for M. It was a nice way to end the day. 

Let me know what you guys think of the posts and if you have any questions in regards to visiting the south of France. 


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