Thursday, September 11, 2014

Globetrotter Travel Tips Feature

I have some really Exciting news!

I was contacted by my good friend Casey with an incredible opportunity to be featured on his new site called Globetrotter Travel Tips! Casey and I met a few years ago on our wonderful adventure as English teachers in South Korea. He touches a bit more on how we met on his blog post, I'll let you get read up on it there. I wouldn't want to ruin it for you!

He and I share a passion for traveling; learning about different cultures and discovering how others live. Casey wanted to create a community and an open source for those who are avid travelers, are preparing for their first big trip, or those who are simply interested in exploring but are afraid to take the plunge.

There are an unlimited amout of resources offered to the GTT readers such as information about specific regions in the world to visit and discount codes for travel sites.

It's time to awaken the wanderlust within you, take risks, have adventures, open your mind, but most of all live a full life! Don't miss out on the great information and remember to subscribe!

Check it out! ------> Globetrotter Travel Tips

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