Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hi y'all!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my adventures in Korea this is a new and exciting chapter in my life that I hope to enjoy!

This trip is SO surreal to me. I can't believe that I am finally going to Korea in 3 days!

At this moment I am going through a mix of emotions; excited, nervous, and sad!

I'm excited to finally be in Korea and have this opportunity to teach the children of Yang su Middle school, learn about Koreans, and travel! It's definitely going to be overwhelming to be in another country where the culture is VERY different yet I love the challenge of having to assimilate, make new friends, and try the cuisine! Kimchi here I come!

I'm nervous! Oh yea I'm nervous! what if i get lost??? i won't be able to read a sign. What if the kids don't like me? How will i manage to get my hair done? Did i pack enough? Honestly there is plenty to be nervous about.

I'm sad because I wasn't able to say hasta luego to my mom (she lives in SC), because I will be missing out on a lot; my brother's gaduation, my friend's wedding, and an awesome summer in Boston.

Overall I am very content with my decison to go to Korea. This is the start to a new chapter in my life, I will keep you posted as it progresses!

http://www.yangsu.ms.kr/ (school's website! in Korean though)

http://www.yangsu.ms.kr/?_page=8&field=&keyword=&slistno=&cate=&mode=list&code=8&page=1 (photos from the website!)

Smile ^-^

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