Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yes I'm a super hero

So I brought my guitar to work today because I am meet Tania for dinner before my lessons. The vice principle asks me if I'm taking lessons and I say yes... then she call me "the energizer" hahah... She proceeds to list off all of the things that I told them I've been doing. Korean lessons, Yoga, Guitar lessons, trips on the weekends... and the list goes on. Suddenly my extracurricular activities because a teacher's room discussion and I began to hear "Rosie (a bunch of korean words) rockband" as well as "Rosie Sansenginm wonder woman"... I don't know how all of this cam together but I guess they think I'm the wonder woman version of the energizer bunny that plays in a rock band??!! hmmmm If anything this 20 minute conversation with the teachers gave me a great idea for a H alloween costume!

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