Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Photo Diary: Genoa

We walked into this beautiful courtyard and were immediately attracted to the man-made lilly pond and its koi fish

Hey Hey, so I'm back with a quick photo diary of our day trip into Genoa, Italy. It was the day with the worst weather out of our entire stay in Italy so we decided to check out this city. Genoa wasn-t part of the original itinerary but sometimes a little change doesn't hurt. We took the early train from Levanto to Genoa which took about an hour and 15min, once we got there it started pouring and we had to take cover for about 20 min so we stopped at a bar and had a nice tall glass of Prosecco, a nice bubble Italian white wine. It was so good I should have brought some back with us! Once the rain stopped we went about the city and explored our little hearts out. And this is what we found....

I wonder what they used to make this pond orange... It was quite out if the ordinary which i thoroughly enjoyed!

Can't remember the amount of times we've asked strangers to take pictures of us, it's only fair that M return the favor.


A portion of the old fortress

site seeing

site seeing

The streets of Genoa

The buildings of Genoa

As we walked in the center we came across this Antique shop and I was mesmerized by the display of their merchandise felt like a few centuries of garden decor thrown together yet oddly enough it made sense, as if it belonged together effortlessly.

The intricate detail of this sealing tells a story.

let's take a look inside!

The City view!

and Voila! Here is a bit of Genoa! Until next time :)

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